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Organic Farming

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Air Pollution

Centre directs agencies to control air pollution in Delhi, NCR

Aaj Tak's Reality Check On Delhi's Air Pollution

DNA: Analysis of New Delhi's alarming air pollution level

NDTV-Philips: Breathe Clean Conclave

Air Purifiers and Indoor Plants Help Combat Pollution

Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries

One Man's Mission to Combat Beijing Pollution

COP 21 Summit 2015 in Paris, France

What Is COP21? The 2 Minute Guide

PM Modi addresses the Plenary Session at COP 21 Summit in Paris

PM Modi's speech at the inauguration of India Pavilion at COP21 Summit'15 in Paris, France

COP 21: Obama's full speech at Paris conference - live

COP21: Putin speaks at Paris Climate Change Conference (ENGLISH TRANSLATION)

The Prince of Wales delivers a keynote speech at COP21 in Paris

COP 21: Xi Jinping's full speech on climate change - live


1. Gorilla Poaching
Synopsis: - Wild African gorillas are hunted down and slaughtered for their meat with devastating results. Caution! Some images in this clip are of a disturbing nature
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2. A Short Film About Elephant Poaching, Last Days
Synopsis: - A short film about elephant poaching, an elephant is killed every 15 minutes, 96 a day, 33,793 a year. Elephants in the wild could be extinct in 11 years.
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3. Rhino Wars: Rhino poaching in South Africa
Synopsis: - Anne Goddard produced this harshly educational film on the realities of Rhino poaching in South Africa, and the men who risk their lives nightly to protect these endangered creatures from armed poachers.
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4. Bengal tiger poaching awareness
Synopsis: - A short video made about the poaching of Bengal tigers.
Song: Damned - Treyarch Sound, Brian Tuey, James McCawley & Kevin Sherwood - Call of Duty: Black Ops (Zombies Soundtrack)
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5. Tigers Hunted
Synopsis: -Tigers are some of the most beautiful and charismatic mammals on Earth, but land development and poachers are depleting the tiger population. Charles Annenberg
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1. Water pollution
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2. Fish n Hook
Synopsis: - A man tries to catch a fish but ends up finding only dirt and garbage.
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3. 3D Animated short film on Pollution
Synopsis: - Pollution could do more than just affecting the animals, even we are also animals. It could change our maps, and displace people from cities and tropical islands. Let us make the World a better Place to live once again.
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4. When The Last Tree
Synopsis: - A low-budget documentary film by Lynn Zhang & Shirley Han Ying about the water crisis in the North China Plain. It depicts the devastating consequences of water scarcity exacerbated by pollution. The film follows a group of farmers who saw their orchards destroyed by water pollution, and their one-sided struggle against a major corporation and an unsympathetic local government to gain compensation. Through the stories of the individual villagers and the predictions of local experts, we witness a paradise lost to economic progress, and the consequences of doing too little, too late.
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Natural Calamity

1. The Drought
Synopsis: - Drought: A Short Documentary film by Keval Chheda - An Independent Filmmaker. Over a million farmers have committed suicide due to drought in India.
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Educational and Awareness

Synopsis: - An environmental awareness short film based on the topic GO GREEN.
PLOT- A girl was very much disturbed by the question,why does many people talks about the world's approaching end in 2012...and she realizes that the human activities itself is the cause for the world's
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2. Neer
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3. Save water Save Life
Synopsis: - Directed By: B. Gopala Krishnan
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4. Every Drops Count
Synopsis: - "Can this planet survive without water? The film answers the same in an interesting way.
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5. Save Water
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6. Rain Water Harvesting
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1. Animation film on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene - Hand washing
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2. HYGIENE - THE WAY OF LIFE: A Plan India supported animation film on "WASH"
Synopsis: - The film speaks about Hygiene practices & its impact on the lives of children and their schooling. The different topics dealt within this brief film are hygiene practices including personal hygiene, food hygiene, community hygiene/ environmental sanitation, use of toilets, health, sanitation around drinking water sources, open defecation and its ill effects on health including risks of snake bites, diarrhea and its home management, absenteeism to school etc. Watch Video..

Endangered Species

1. Endanger
Synopsis: - A threat to the extinction of endangered species
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2. Endangered Species
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3. The Last Frontier
Synopsis: - Final bastion before the Antarctic Circle, The Falkland Islands are home of millions of penguins living on the edge, including some little-known endangered species facing great threats. This short film strives to highlight those endangered species, it is the result of three weeks of filming in five remote islands.
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Jayanthi Natarajan, Minister of Environment, Government of India

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Doha Summit (COP 18/CMP 8)

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