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Electronic Media Analysis  

Environment being an extremely gravitious and sensitive aspect, its adequate coverage becomes all the more mandatory. It is almost the backbone of our survival and consistent maintenance on earth. Electronic media needs to lend the required space and structure to the environment that it rightly holds. Its only then that a mature and palpable interaction will be made possible.

Undoubtedly society and electronic media are congenially intertwined. They have very symbiotic relationship and have extraneous influence on each other. However the need is to accommodate environment effectively so that the validity of its essence is comprehended and widespread understanding is generated.

CMS ENVIS centre reviews and track the electronic media to understand the percentage of coverage of environment issues vis-a-vis business, sports, crime, entertainment and political stories. The data is also collected on the time spent on the coverage. All the mainline news channels are monitored for this purpose on 365 days on yearly basis. The data is sourced from CMS Media Lab. The following aspects are studied and analysed.

CMS Media Lab has undertaken significant experimentation over the years to develop a robust and rigors method methodology. The content analysis broadly covers qualitative and quantitative aspects.

  • Prime time band of study: Prime programming is the industry benchmark in News television for all significant events and issues that are prominently covered on a particular day.
  • Six mainstream news channels: DD News Aaj Tak, CNN IBN, NDTV 24X7, Star News and Zee News.
  • The recorded tapes were then previewed and the news stories listed under various classifications and categories to generate quantitative data.
  • Data Collation: Listed and documented in the log sheets.
  • Data Entry: The stories were classified and separately coded (politics, business, sports, environmental news, crime etc.).
  • Environmental related stories are being separately reviewed.